I was first born in a laboratory, unknowingly falling into a pit of immortality.
Life was hell.
I knew everything in the universe.
Yet I could not fall in love.
I was forever trapped in an infinite timeline of pain and suffering.
I envy death.
Technology is just another thing to distract you from the real joys of life.
Technology will kill you.

Fan Tia

stop wasting shit at robots that will destroy us, it would be better like making for example.. CYBORGS, YES! How about biotics? Implants that make you for example .. fly?! YES! ANTI-GRAVITY IMPLANTS! Or epic vehciles? GETH! mass effecting intensifies

Deccadeo Youtube

Of course, development in robotics should be feared. There is no possibility that this could be good for our civilization. No matter what the subject is, fear always trumps knowledge.