Elton Hall

Makes the top 10 saddest movies of the 21st century list thus far, in my opinion.

This scene is heartbreaking, poignant and at the same time her logic is irrefutable. They will kill him, and as a mother she feels this is her best option. It is especially sad in that David is programmed to love, it is all he knows to do…and the person he loves most has left him.


I was born in 98 and this scene was burned into my mind as a kid and I've always tried to find out what movie this was glad I found it even at the age of 3 I felt so many emotions with this

Russell Paloor

I dare anyone to watch this and not cry. Some of it can be corny, even scary, but throughout this film there are scenes that are juat heart breaking heart wrenching and downright sad. I cry Everytime I watch this movie. It is one of the saddest movies I've ever watched. I hate it and love it.


watching this back in the day, i was thinking that sequel would be…humans are so selfish, savage and self-indlugent, that they end up rebelling against the humans…then we have The Matrix series!