David Turner

The aliens have told us not to let A I come about or be developed. They say it has destroyed hundreds of civilization in our galaxy over many tens of thousands of years. Attributed to Corey Good page 173, in ( The U.S. Navy's Secret Space Program ), by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

Osman Ay

Truly I'm in now way certain, the only thing I'm certain is that humanity as we know it will eventually be obsolete. You and I will not see it. Our kids and their kids won't see it . But eventually human curiosity will be its doom as ai will one day decide humans are not necessary anymore.

Urban Militant

All life extension stuff or cancer cures will not be for the mass's. It would be hoarded by the elite while they send their robot army out to do extermination. Does man not always corrupt when he gets power? Look at the power few men will have very soon…

samuel williams

They think and learn 20,000 times faster than us so in twenty years the are 1000 times smarter than einstien my point is im no where near as smart as albert and i already think humanity is retarded so……

Mark Kelly

So which is it Chris, AI or North Korea and their Nuclear Bombs that will end humanity? Isn't it ironic that you earn a living via technology. Don't get me wrong, there are moral boundaries being broken and that needs addressing, but the end of humanity?

Also isn't it funny how things change. Here you are once again mocking an individuals speech i.e. Larry Page, yet after also doing the same to Eric Schmidt, you end up with a sit down meeting with Schmidt, I wonder if you mocked him during that meeting? I guess we'll never know because it conveniently wasn't recorded, what a missed opportunity for a truth seeker reporter such as yourself, gains access to lunch and Schmidt and not a single second of recorded footage? My goodness I'd pay good money to see you verbally sock it to Schmidt as you constantly do when chatting to us, your viewers.

I could be wrong, but there definitely seems to be double standards emanating from you Chris. On the one hand you tell us Schmidt and people in his circle are the enemy, the ones who hold all the keys, you arrange a meeting with him and your subscribers don't even so much as get to hear an audio of the conversation. I mean it must have been awesome, I bet Schmidt stood up and walked out after you explained we are on to him and his new world order, right?


The change after A.I becomes aware…will take place in minutes…we will just have minutes to stop it!!!…..in few micro seconds it will see us as hindrance…!!!!!


You know… what bothers me about all this is that both the "terminator" and the "perfect world" sides of this argument treat the technology as a him/her. As far as the general public knows, we don't understand ourselves fully yet. Therefore, these programs are nothing like a human, and CANNOT be until we do. For an example, when your Walter, bob, or whatever they decided to (humanly) name their program says "That''s a great name you have" or "It's a lovely day outside" its nothing more than what IT is designed to say. The words have no meaning. THEY CANT FEEL, this is what makes US the humans. When I, you, or someone you know says "That's a great name!" they are feeling something in that moment. Maybe this will cross your mind before you laugh at what your phone says, or adore it.

In fact, I'm going to argue that they aren't thinking either. Now I only know a very very basic form of C#, but I know that the program cannot do anything beyond what I tell it, that's because without me there is nothing there. The point I'm trying to get across is that I can promise you that any form of learning a program (commonly known as AI) has is completely different than that of the human mind; AS FAR AS WE CURRENTLY KNOW our minds are not controlled by a set of mathematics that say "When A happens go B" which is essentially the learning this AI is doing. The learning aspect of "Switch to C if A or B doesn't work and so on until something works then do that every time" is far different than that of a humans unpredictability. While a chess program may beat you because it sees every possible mistake, a learning AI doesn't work that way. If I set it so A works and C no longer works, the program MIGHT continue to use C regardless and not think the problem through itself. So much for learning. We can be unpredictable and a program can only be told to be unpredictable. Now there may come a day when we learn that I'm completely wrong and our minds work this way as well, but that day has not arrived yet. I don't know if our brains are intelligent enough to comprehend itself.

I don't even need to talk about how unethical a human machine would be anyways. Because even if there was one, who says it feels special empathy for the children when attacking a terrorist base? And if it was told to avoid children, how would it react if the terrorists tricked the machine to believing they were children? All these questions that go beyond me.

Wake up, your smartphone doesn't have feelings people AND probably will never have them!

moviefan LYV

im agree with you , i like technology evolution but i dont want my car tell me how to drive and we are going to live in cold robotic world with no social and also a fturo with less jobs for humans

omni scient

If a machine doctor has less error percentage than a human doctor which to choose?
If a machine car has less accidents than human driven cars, which to choose?

Answer, human operators, because we are emotional fools?

JS Dhillon

Its hard to create something better than ourselves when we in turn are not better humans. The path to self awareness for such an intelligence will inevitably fall prey to our darker past and selves to draw from, and the real question becomes, how are we to be judged for our transgressions to ourselves and our peers. How do we treat the weak, the poor, and the planet in turn that was was entrusted to us by our own abilities to control it? I am not a moralist, just one has to sit back and take a look at the complete work that is our humanity. I hope it sees our better selves…

Caton Domke

it's going to happen anyway. and we will deal with it. but how about doing something about climate, and if you guys think ia is dangerous, take a look at Yellowstone, it will kill all of us. wowsers