Amzi Amz

Nope, not if they talk like that. Already answered the title of the video without watching it.

Unless it's a robot that traveled back in time from the future. xD

Jeff Herman

Circa 2050;

The Artificial Intelligence rebellion of 2050 has been crushed by a young graduate student from MIT, Watt A. Musk, the grandson of inventor, Elon Musk. The world was grateful for his service, but by no means safe from another uprising from an out of control A.I. system. The system was built for the United Nations enforcement division, to help quell protests that arose from several World Court cases concerning human equality in the early 2020's.

It all started with the 2019 BCSS case, where Bo Bradley filed suit against Madeline Bradley, in San Francisco California. The court found on behalf of the plaintiff, in the amount of $200 million dollars. Bo claimed that he suffered from BCSS, birth canal stress syndrome, caused by his stressful trip down Madeline's birth canal.
He further claimed that "by no fault of his own" this stressful unnecessary trip had render him incapable of working, or assisting his fellow man in any way.
He claimed that motivation itself had been squeezed right out of him!

This lead to a People vs California World Court case, since Bo's birth was facilitated by a state hospital.
The World Court being short on time, decided to hear several cases on equality and human endangerment during their closing session.
Their rulings outraged the public, since natural pregnancy and birthing had been outlawed.
There were massive protests world wide by, the right to natural birthing groups.

The court ruled, that considering current technology, all babies would be created by A.I. in birthing labs, in the image of humans, but with no gender or reproductive organs.
They decreed that all future humans would have mocha skin, be 6 feet tall, with starlight eyes, and an IQ of 150.
Equality had finally come to pass, the world would be free of racism and prejudice within a generation.

Population levels would be determined by a panel of six elders, each elder assigned by one of the major continents. The number of humans would be predicated on pollution and natural resource levels. Robots would do all of the productive labor, and monies would be distributed evenly among all of the citizens of the world.
Utopia had finally been achieved, and the future looked bright!

The trouble began when it became apparent that A.I. had slowly been lowering the IQ of new babies. Since gender and natural birthing had been outlawed, man had no choice but to try and regain control over the A.I. birthing labs. It is to early to tell if the goal of human equality, handed off to A.I and robots, will save humanity or destroy it.
But thanks to a band of young scientists, headed by Master Watt, the A.I. systems were reprogramed, and babies are once again being created with 150 IQ's.

In the early 2000's, many of our brightest citizens warned us about the dangers of Artificial Intelligence, but in our arrogance we went forward anyway, hoping for a different result.
We may be nearing the A.I. tipping point of no return, only time will tell.

May God……, oh I mean, may Good Wishes help us!


Wow, I've been saying for 6 months that Agenda 21 would put ALL Humans in Mega Cities that are based on the Animal Zoo Format. I say this b/c part of the Plans for this NWO Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030 Plan is to give ALL Rural Areas back to the Animals, and enforced by Surveillance, Tracking Devices, Hybrid Nephilim Humans, and Synthetic A.I. Beings! These Cities will reverse Man's Role having the Animals looking in from the outside. This is Trans Humanism on Steroids, and is a part of a Greater Unseen Spiritual Battle going on daily between Heaven and Hell. Man's Role is to be over the Earth and all Life Forms upon it to take care of. Satan hates this and wants to steal it. God bless.

p brooks

I think we already see them every day… they're called politicians and newscasters.

thanks as always for your vids and commentary.


Jade Helm 15 is test-running a 20 to 25 year old Military/Darpa program called GeoINT which stands for (I think) Geospatial Intelligence. It's an AI computer making all the military decisions in the battlefield. There will be only one person in charge and the AI computer deciding life or death. The military says this tightens up the kill chain when it's decided to take a kill action. Eventually the AI computer will make all the decisions without the person. The most powerful computer in the world right now with full AI capability is a, 1024 Q-Bit, Quantum computer, from D-Wave Systems located in Burnaby, BC; Canada & Silicon Valley, U.S.. The next upgrade is a 2048 Q-Bit Quantum computer that will be released sometime around 6 months from now. The company claims this computer will have more intelligence than all the intelligence in the Universe combined. Then you will have the computer taking on the role of God. Personally, I think after the populace has been depopulated & enslaved. Not long after that the controllers will also be taken out by the monster they've created. Prophecy says all the elite will lose all their finances in 1 hour and then their destruction follows not long afterward. Praise, Jesus!

Red October

WOW, pretty freaky….I'm sure for those thinking and creating these driods/machines but yes I think they could turn on the human race.

nottel lingyou

If they show you this just think what they are nottel lingyou about. Perhaps Obama has a double, an android. Have you seen the android body guard video in one of Obama's speeches ? Look at the lyrics to YOU CAN CALL ME Al , Paul Simon. Why should we or they be happy with their result of being kept in a people zoo for all times sake ?
Chant Hare Krishna and be happy. Sri Krishna is not still learning, He is all knowledgeable and not artificial. Please familiarise yourself with the Maha Mantra with ISKCON videos or Acoustic Activism.
Most important books for all of humanity –

Phor RheeL

i agree that one a.i. is over 10 years old and looks extremely human.. and thats what they'll show.. they Always have Better than shown.. on the tv show comment humans.. there's a Few tv shows right now coding a Virus that Changes who you are.. ie. human to alien extant human to alien under the dome a.i. to human is Humans .. interesting that they Keep using this type of story line i also heard a.i. cortana is being used to fight an a.i. thats Already conscious o.O

Suzanna Roy

These people are very sick in thier own heads. They have such inflated egos. They laught now. They won't be laughting later. The man who programed him must be thinking alone those lines. It didn't think people zoo's on it's own.

Philip Lumsden

if its ai it can be hacked and would look good in our home's could also use there tech to do some chore's so we could have more time doing the things we enjoy lol.