Lissa Humane_Life

They call it beast-tech. And, that's what they are. If they're is a hell, they have the keys to the gate. Obviously, they opened it along with breaking down their CERN vail/veil wall. God be with us all. They're making planet earth purgatory. And yes, its started with cellphones / towers and add predatory drones over our skies (30,000 more) 2012 Obama.

Margie Massar-Fjeld

Dr David Jeremiah just do the sermon also Tony on the subject of when the antichrist appears he'll be able to control us all through artificial intelligence that's attached to our phones or iPads and whatnot so really good video Tony thank you so much!

Adam Loc

I live in Ohio and the Ohio patrolmen are using drones to monitor and issue traffic citations. I thought it was a lie… until I was pulled over by a drone yesterday.. WTF!


Interfacing with human brain is far, far more difficult than you present. The chip and implants are unnecessary. People are already controlled almost completely now. If you watch TV, go on the internet, read the papers, go to school, go to church, listen to talk radio, watch movies, you are being controlled.


RFID CHIP implants is their goal, the control of information and selective breeding in the end. Sounds crazy but they want to enslave our mind and soul until we are no better than ants. Sometimes Earth seems like an alien experiment to breed the perfect slave for the universe using our own free will. I don't believe in aliens like that but it's something to consider ha-ha.

My name is Joe

Does this mean I can watch porn while in school 0_0. If so, FUCK YA #LIFEGOALS. Jk, honestly, I don't believe in the illumanati, but, for what it is worth, well done, interesting and informative video anyways :D. I really doubt God would let this happen without fighting for those that are innocent cause he is just cool like dat :P. God bless you all :D.