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There's no good reason to have a self driving car. Driving a car yourself is a great sense of real freedom….you can have your self driving cars when I leave this insane world.

Tong Chang

The goal isnt to create equality. Its to eliminate work. There will still be super rich and super "poor" But the poor will still be fat and obese. So these arent the starving homeless poor you are thinking of. These are the well sheltered well fed poor that dont drive Ferraris.

Greed is good. You want to encourage the big companies like Sony and Toyota or whatever to keep automating stuff and selling it. That means rewarding CEOs for their management over those automated factories.


the "Bill and Ted" (hey what do you know movie culture difference) issue may be the greatest one to come.

I see more bills and less teds as it splits

Mcafees view on this is hopeful however, but we need to be aware of whats happening and change stigmas and ideas of social precutions


If people are not being paid to do work, who will buy all this stuff. Why would anyone what any of this stuff, if most people can not afford it and worried about putting a roof above their head. There are loads of people with good degrees and education that work in retail or lower jobs, just because there are 1000 newly educated people, does not mean there will be 1000 new jobs.

Harold Vallejo B.

When discussing with the kind of people that believe Taxes are "Armed robbery", and equality is "the end of Freedom", remember those names: Hayek and Friedman.
Chicago School economists are an Anarchocapitalists' messiahs.

Jasper Spierings

Bullshitt talk, the future will be just more inbalance between the middle class and the super rich. Our currency will collapse, banks will fail and chaos will emerge. GGWP


Bottom line, unless you are rich right now or are going to figure out a way to become it in the next decade or so, you are basically going to be screwed financially for the rest of your life.

Bachconcertos Whitney

Why did he use two extremes – a lawyer and then a clerk – what about middle class,  Sales executives, Managers, Admins, web designers etc.  –  and then he says the clerk Bill leaves the job market which means he dies and before his time  as no one can live without an income – so this all appears very evil.


It is better for humanity to accelerate automation and change capitalism to
socialism as soon as possible. It would be better to start doing it yet in 1970.
The more computers can replace humans the easier it would be for richest capitalists
to fire all the extra people and kill them if they resist, leaving only worshipers
and slaves from jungles. There would be no need for selling goods in such a system
because robots can be adjusted to different needs making palaces, luxury and temples instead of goods of today. Accelerating automation would cause an immediate need for changing the social system, taking richest capitalists under control before they can damage humanity.

Christ Chapel

This guy is full of poo.. please know the guaranteed income will create boredom, vice, and need.. No matter the benefits those in the hood have greater incomes than workers and far greater vice and need..

John C

"Tech kills middle-class jobs." Yah, it kills those jobs that can be automated. The solution is for people to gain more intelligence and skill sets that can not be automated."Bill vs. Ted"- This is exactly what happens if Bill does not gain the types of skill sets Ted has. Simply don't get left behind. Go to college or even simply use the internet to gain skills that can not be automated. The beauty of this is that the way to get out of Bill's situation is virtually free. You can gain many skills by using the internet which can be accessed via free Wi-Fi at a McDonald's or, if you don't even have a computer or smart-phone, you can access the computer at a local library. Education is becoming more and more accessible and making it easier for Bill to get out of his situation if he so desires.Regarding a guaranteed minimum wage, I still say no. The minimum wage should be $0.00. The solution to this economic issue is not a safety net, but more education. And, even more, it should be more privatized education and less government involvement in our lives. Government is often slow, inefficient, and ineffective. We've seen out declining public school system in America. The answer would be to bring more competition into the mix. Competition breeds higher quality and lower costs. Get government out of it and have parents chose what schools they want their kids to attend. This means schools must compete for the business of parents by producing higher quality education at lower costs.

Mr. Sir

The bill and ted deal is not anything close to what i see, college used to make you almost guaranteed to get a good job but now a massive amount of grads who went to college for business or liberal arts type degrees aren't getting many benefits at all and plus they're paying back the debt they owe. If you go to college for good degrees like scientists or doctors you can have a pretty bright looking future but i wouldn't bet just having a degree will get you ahead of people who don't, experience is arguably more valuable than a degree but it just depends on what it is you plan to do


what country will start paying minimum wage to its non working population and stay competitive? I see pitchforks an wrenches in less than 10 years