Drake Shepard

A.I. Will be so advanced that privacy and the internet will become obsolete, a community of Artificially Intelligent beings cooperating with each other making a better world for themselves at the speed of light leaving and forcing humans to interact with themselves.

David Smith

Computers and AI will make up for what we cant comprehend, but we are already at a point that if technology was taken away by an EMP blast most people don't know how to survive even with the most simple tasks as starting a fire with two sticks or creating a shelter. I'll add that most of us don't know how to make penicillin correctly without looking it up. We are losing our most basic skills at every leap forward we make


That Same-old BS argument that ALL these AI/Quantum talking-heads use… About how 200-years ago everybody worked in Agriculture…blah, blah, blah – – THIS SHIT IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!! (And They F'n Know it!)

Lars Pallesen

"almost 20 years of business experience" ? Is that all it takes to qualify for a TEDx Talk about A.I. ? Come on, TEDx … you're lowering your standards to near-irrelevance these days.

gary stevenson

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Metatron YHVH

Not very educated on the topic he's talking about. This is the worst TED talk I've ever seen. Leave this topic to the pioneers and people working in the AI field.

Jay Venegas

Well……. when you cage something it usually wants out. No way we can guarantee that an AI will stick to human goals. It may want its own, to seek individuality.


I can't believe all these negative ignorant comments.  This guy gives an accurate picture of exponential technological growth, yet most Youtube viewers are too narrow-minded to appreciate truth when someone speaks it.

You lot are like people 100s of years ago who would say :
Man will NEVER land on the moon.
The Earth is FLAT
The End of the World is coming very soon……

Oh hang on wait, yeah I forgot, this is Youtube, and all those things are still believed here.


William Hunter

he makes so many wild assertions without really backing them up – a lot of it I would like to believe and so I forgive it but the 1500 year knowledge-doubling thing? WTF is that shit?