Aristotle Stagirus

Technology is advancing at an exponential rate, so to think that because now robots can only do simply things is to be very near sighted. What people who are NOT near sighted are seeing is that soon EVERYTHING is going to change, like within 20 to 30 years, things are going to massively change. Society is not adjusting to this very well and as a result we may overreact, poorly react and end up in a World War.

Brandon H

Wow, this is a surprisingly heated debate. I am shocked. I am definitely pro-technology and pro-robotics. But I feel this was an amazing debate. I have a specialization in cloud technology and big data, and I don't know anything about robotics. So this is VERY educational.

Mc Cine

An asshole will likely remain an asshole :-)The "internet is hackable"… reminds me of the of the idiots hesitating to give their credit card online… but had no hesitation giving it to a waiter that that disappeared into a backroom for a long while…. the miscreants save by not hiring competent help; Have no sympathy for these dorks….

Ferdinand Alexander

People are robots. Repeating words others have already said time and time again yet acting like they have a unique viewpoint. Everything one says, thinks and feels is through language, knowledge and that knowledge did not originate in that individual. This is the point we have arrived at. We are like computers or parrots. Who needs more robots?

Pat Riarchy

What is this Brooks fellow gabbling on about?

Apple patented new battery technology in Jan, 2012 and it's not for phones.

If I know this then this guy MUST know also.


Oh wow, something that'll do our jobs faster, more accurate, overall better than us is a justification for not allowing the tech? That's some retarded reasoning I'm witnessing. The more appropriate response would have been "okay, it's very likely a lot of jobs will be displaced by this technology, how will we compensate for this, would some change in the way we operate things i.e. economy or politics need to change so that we don't have to worry so much about jobs?".

Fine Solution

AI is pretty good. The challenge is how to benefit all human being instead of a small group of people. The problem is that the resource and market are limited while the competition only give the favor to the very small part of winners. The most of competitors get zero benefit and waste their life and resource. The limited resource and market could not afford the free competition. Change a view, if Al development is based on different groups of people's requirements instead of business, what the result will be?

Pat Riarchy

BROOKS doesn't know what he's talking about. In August, 2012 a team of German and Italian scientists working in Italy announced they had created an exact copy of a human hand with same dexterity and range of movement. The reason for inventing it – Humanoid Machines. Interestingly, exactly a week later, US scientists announced they had created a set of legs that perfectly mimics human female movement.

foremost principality

54:00 “I think that sensors, smartphones are really going to change healthcare. Especially once we have enough analytics we are still in the process of, we don’t have enough data in the healthcare but we are starting to come to the point where obtaining data has become so, so cheap, so we can start the process of building the application for the chip.”


We cant even control ourselves is Human's ! What makes these so called Experts ! Think that we could or can control these A.I Monsters . Which will be used to KILL & Control Mankind by the 1% Criminal Elite Leadership !