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Im sorry was I the only one that noticed the biggest easter egg of them all. In the scene when Ultron is talking to the Maximoffs he says "I've always woundered why you two were the only ones to survive Strykers Experiments". In the theater I was like did he say Stryker. As in William Stryker. The Man that experimented on Mutants. The man that Laced Wolverines Bones with Adamantium. One thing is for surre if William Stryker and the Maximoffs exist in the MCU. Wolverine and the XMen do as well. That is a pure set up to bring the XMen and Mutants into the MCU somewhere in the future.

Coty Waldip

i think there is a reference to thanos getting his infinity gauntlet in thors dream as well you see four gems lined up quite curiously right in front of some space stuff thats golden colored, and quite curiously appears to be in the shape of a hand… anybody else seen this?


There's also a nod to an old version Cap. America when Black Widow picks up his shield and puts it on the front of her motorcycle. I'm probably the only geek I know who would have caught that. LOL


Also, when Ultron meets the Avengers, we see him pass next Tina sculpture of a robot from the 1986 Hayao Miyazaki movie Castle in the sky.

Gavin Krimmer

When tony stark is in the hydra and he has that bad dream look at the person by hulk and if you look close you will see a sword as in S.W.O.R.D the space version of S.H.I.E.L.D


There was also the scene at hawkeyes home. Hulk was shaving and stopped and looked into the mirror. A homage to the first movie back in 2003

Drill_ Mil

He did not not mention the Easter egg when Thor saw those visions when he was in the water and when tony stark saw those visions of when the avengers were dead