Bob Baisden

As corrupt as politicians are and specifically how democrats in the USA and progressives worldwide LIE over and over again, can you imagine a world where those same corrupt individuals programming robots to police your life as those same people mandate by fascist policies on how you live your life making sure your behavior is in line with THEIRS otherwise you pay fines, penalties and who knows what else? And they say, "you don't have to be afraid"

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The role of the human being is as a consumer. The role of the central banks and governments is to correctly manage our money as debt and create consumer incomes. That is what the slums of India need, and so do the firms waiting to service them.

Eventually government will have to come out of the closet to stop pretending it is yet another household and take hold of the reigns for the sake of the global economy not to mention our own.

We are NOT Dependant on debt so much as MONEY is CREATED AS DEBT or we do not have any money to spend and the system is dead. How much more simple can it get?

What choice is there but to recognize that we need to manage debt money by exercising debt forgiveness. What difference can it make to the bank if its assets or debt are not paid since they were born out of nothing at conceived value? Debt erasing must be part of the system. Only an algorithm correctly designed could advise as to when and where this should happen to prevent stagnation.

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They do create art and music, they can learn it. They can even programme. They can also paint in the style of gainsboro. One day no one will get in a car with a human driver because they just won't trust them. What if they have a heart attack? Decide to act out their favorite ideology which wants to deliver you wholesale as dead. One hour lunch breaks on route? No thanks

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There will certainly be welding robots – no problem! Meet Watson which is old hat. There are robots learning from robots. Again the problem is not with the tech but with the financial structure that can support this change.

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All small business needs a consumer or sale. It is all very well for the bank to keep funding with debt such businesses but do they have a guarantee that the bank will continue to fund them as they search for sales? from an increasingly unwaged populace. One of the great changes we need is how shall we finance an unemployed consumer, because if we don't the big corporates will fall… eventually

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It will not work unless you are taking the private unwaged citizen with you as the consumer. Who the hell do you think will pay for the fantastic services on offer? or the amazing products being made ready for the shelfs. By the way where are the jobs you are talking about? The app economy doesn't make much for the ordinary punter, most are free with only advertising revenue – take a look! You cannot sell to a stone.

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A computer that has AGI data can understand the entire history of evolution in about one hour of data entry. It can then make predictions and can most likely advise gene replacements. An AI doctor can out diagnose any doctor, the latest from Japan will most likely be able to smell as well as a dog can before long, it already has the ability to smell. We will be needing a replacement consumer income or the corporate will not survive.


People of the west are greedy. They will not invest into the future. Countries where people are poor have a chance to invest into the future, but west bombs them bringing western greedy democracy.


Why should we fear progress? Was the industrial revolution a bad thing? Would having more time to pursue non-work related activities REALLY make our lives so terrible? Governments should be the ones afraid–they'll have to provide basic incomes to save the economy & prevent rioting in the streets. I say do away with these inadequate welfare programs & replace them with universal basic incomes that cover our basic needs. The only choice you have is whether to do it now before the social chaos starts, or later.

Nobody looks forward to Mondays. We're brainwashed to believe our worth as humans is tied to our ability to serve the business interests of corporations & industry. Imagine your life without the traffic jams, deadlines, rude co-workers, stress & frustration of a full-time job. You'd have time to focus on your health–8 hours of sleep, gardening, cooking, exercise & relaxation. Things that are basic human rights that YOUR employers are denying you if you're a full-time employee in America. Time to travel, read, bond with your kids & take up other hobbies you don't have time for now.

Life is short & you only get one shot at it. The idea that we should have to wait until retirement age (65+) to live our lives is capitalist nonsense.


One thing nobody mentions is.
How automation and downsizing will fuel skyrocketing violent crime rates and social unrest via mass unemployment, but…At least on the blight side, jobs for police, security guards and correctional officers will grew in demand when it comes to safety, order and insurance reasons.