Rivas Vfx


I need to know, ¿Where I can find that type of cloth for "motion capture" process?
Please if anyone knows, where I can buy the exact color and the hat, please tell me.
I need all this set, for a film is coming for the next year, short film.

Hope anyone can help me in this situation I have been looking for by months.

ShipIsLove ShipIsLife

Holy shit, I thought that chappie was MoCaped for the whole film. To think that they had an actor act it out, and then have 3D animators fully animate him is fucking insane. Tip of the hat to those animators.


Did I get this right, his movements are not motion-captured, but completely keyframed by hand? In some shots, I thought it looked even too real for mocap and was instead done with a guy in a robot-costume…


incredible work in regards to movie continuity. I think movie needed to be in PG to attract kids because of all the baby talk in the film. Don't like the movie but respect to the cgi.