graciele souza

É um dos melhores filme que assisti, no final do filme, é emoção demais, toda vez que eu vejo esse filme, eu choro!, não tem , o amor que David tem por sua mãe, é forte demais, vale a pena assisti esse filme!.

vilmar barquio

Where can I download its full movie?
Can anyone tell me please? thanks!
I already watched this movie but I really want to watch this many times..
I love its story and its main character david.. he never gave up inspite of impossibleness of its dream to become a real boy.. 


Well we should be very cautious rather than blindly accept them. After all we would not putting our trust so much in the robot as we would be the manufacturers.


Indeed. And at 9:29, I noticed – even when I first saw the movie – that Monica refers to Martin as "my son" and not as "your brother." It was ominous to me because it clearly meant, to me, that Monica didn't see truly see David as anything more than another machine or perhaps a replacement. The really sad thing is that I can all too easily foresee this scenario happening for real if we ever did get robots as advanced as David. We would be more likely to fear them than accept them.