James Watts

I have both of these. The Hasbro version is much bigger but just can't compete with the Sphero. It's like comparing a 40.00 Tracphone special to the newest iPhone. The head on the Hasbro version likes to fall off, it's slow (might be better for a kid though), it wobbles like it's drunk while in motion and the remote is IR so it has to be pointed directly at it for the BB8 to respond to commands. Spend the extra money and go for the Sphero. It will eventually make up for the extra cost in not having to buy batteries lol (almost lol). The Sphero is rechargeable via wireless induction charging through its awesome little desktop cradle. For a smaller kid the Hasbro is probably the better option (since it's cheaper, moves slower and doesn't require a smartphone to control). For an older kid or an adult collector go for the Sphero BB8 hands down.