Bonnie Moon

That's nuts….I want one. Would still be nervous about the information you give it and the potential for spying or unknowingly have what you say recorded though…


More live demo. I really like the way you do your AI and you really understood key points (distance from device and good voice recognition). I support you.


I could imagine this replacing the call bell in hospitals so that it could help patients while freeing up and prioritizing caretakers time for example could be in patient rooms to help a patient with basic tasks like calling for help, turning up or down the heat, ordering food all without having to pick up a phone that could transmit germs. This could also take care of the doctor handwriting problem. 

Alotian Elliott

In order to create a truly intelligent simulation one must first design a program that may synchronize all possible stimulations so the robot is programmed to learn as much as it can and what subjects to work on. More specifically design a list of functions it must know and find a way to synchronize them all in perfect harmony. Unfortunately man is afraid of the possibilities of thus. Personally I think your cubik has a long way to go and still needs to have customization effort such as allowing it's owner to create a name and personality before using without making it too complex.