Richard Craig

It's a neat idea, but the over-animation of the buttons warbling all about would drive me insane. If it could do this in a less visually jarring manner, I'd give it a try, but as it is I think I'm happy with the Google Keyboard just fine.

Alastair Breeze

Sorry about this, I hope to change this soon 🙂 Which textures in particular are the ones that need changing. The keys or the text or the background or the shadows?
Hopefully I can sort this 🙂

Alastair Breeze

when you say change the texture do you mean the colours and things. The release version colours are different to this version by default. But fully customizable in the full version 😀 Hope you like it 🙂

Alastair Breeze

the custom settings for this video are quite similar to the ones in the preset option on the pro versio called prototype. Its not identical but pretty much the same. Plus you can still change it to your own. 🙂 Hope this helps 🙂

Matoro Zeliph

Nice! But I would get this over Swype if it supports swiping gestures. Like the key button would increase in size for each letter I swipe over one letter to the next. Because I am sick of Swype sometimes, like when I want to type the word "for" but it thinks that I am trying to type "fit." You know what I am saying?
I guess this keyboard is nice for those who wants to peck away on their screen or hold their phone with 2 hands instead of one when typing.