Dajana Oroz

Inteligence whout emotions of hier level- love, empaty, compation is the trade of psychopat! He will mimic the emotions, understand when to show the emotion understanded affect on other people but never truly feel it.. We are more emotional then intelectual. In human, emotions run the intelectual on unconscious level. Someone who is exstremly inteligence and dont have emotions for me is dangerous.


By describing the singularity as inevitable do you mean the rational realisation by humans that such would be beneficial, by force on the part of the A.I., or by the gradual integration of the two?

Charles Toye

As my ideas developed about religion I came to the conclusion, that I reinforce again: humans need to believe communally in a greater and beneficial cause. We must collectively devote energies toward the utopia we all envision as children.

We are social animals that rely on patterns in order to promote progress. Spirituality is something every man and woman could benefit to embrace.

George Barbăroşie

I disagree with the premise that lying is antithetical to AI. Lying has a logical basis. Careful study of human reasnoning and reverse psychology can be used to get away without lying, however the strict definition of lying is the conscious affirmation of that which is known to be false. Technically, if TLP was real, he would have lied already.


What if the singularity has already been reached? What if the world we are living in right now is a simulation running in a futuristic computer. Could we know? Is there an test to determine it without outside influence? If so, how? If not, the question that would be pondered is, is the space outside of the computer the "top" space? Or could that also be a simulation? And if so, how deep could this go? Will we also start our own simulations? Would there be any computational limitations?


Emotions are not irrational. Much like fear of the unknown, emotions have helped us throughout our evolution by creating bonds between members of a society and creating tightly nit societies based on trust. Emotional attachment would prompt the machines to regard the bodies as important to still living humans and thus using them in a way that humans would consider degrading would be against their interest.