Charles Spencer

Just watched this. I was surprised by the ending, so I came here to read some comments…then it occurred to me: The name of the film gives away the ending, once you've seen it. Deus ex machina (Latin meaning "God from the machine") is a canned plot device in stories that basically enables all of the characters to be "rescued" from the dilemma(s) they've been put in by the end of the third act. It allows everyone to have a happy ending despite whatever conflict is going on leading up to the climax of the story. The writer/director chose to name the story "Ex Machina" because it makes sense on multiple levels: he removed the "Deus" or God from the story, and in doing so, he foreshadows the lack of a "happy" ending for all characters; in the story, Caleb tells Nathan that it's the greatest achievement/discovery "in the history of the gods"; Nathan later tells Caleb he likes his quote saying "You're not a man, you're a God," etc. The removal of Deus (God) also hints at a more sinister "machina" who would do anything-even murder her "God"-to survive. That cute little face belies a scary hyper-humanized AI that contains all of humanity's thoughts and speech and whatnot, but without a soul (no real emotion or regard for human life). Pretty dope concept.


i really liked this movie but is was nowhere realistic. Of course, prototype AI (even if it was advanced as this) wouldn't be installed in some SCiFi humanoid robot body but be locked away in a Blackbox. But a guy typing away at a terminal is of couse too boring for movie watchers.
Also the idea that this douchebag created this Ai almost singlehandedly is of course ludicrous. It would be the work of thousands of people.
But the idea that the Ai has been planning and manipulating everyone from the beginning in order to escape is intriguing even when in reality they are not even close.

pszichtotomia tereza miklos cannabis77122.

Viszont orom volna az uromben hogy az ahitott egyenloseg a rasszizmus teren megszunhetne szerethetne a fekete a sargat a a feher a barnat sot akar szinesboruek is dolgoztathatnak vilagos tarsaikat nem jelenthetne gondot a rassz pigmentalodas akkor mar senkit nem erdekelne ki maszott le elobb a farol kinek az iq ja eq ja birta jobban anno a vegyuleteket azzaltal is is integralodva 🙂