Joydeep Roy Chowdhury

It saddens me deeply that a first world country like USA could not choose two individuals with a clean past & honest track record. Both Hillary & Trump are not fit to be president of USA. Spin doctors from both the sides are weaving unimportant stories & lies to take the public attention from real issues. The American Dream is dying its slow death. It use to be a great nation once upon a time.

Both Hillary & Trump are unfit to become president of USA. But when there are no other choices left I think it's fair to give Trump a chance rather than bringing in the Old Clinton Machinery. Out of both the Clintons at least Bill was charismatic & approachable. But Hillary was always consistent in being a liar, cruel, cold, greedy, manupulative bitch right from the get go. Can't TRUST HILLARY anymore what so ever. Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton has always been a sociopath.

Can't the US Congress charge George Soros for Sedation. He has been an economical Terrorist of the world for a long long time. He finished many countries, currencies, societies, Happiness. When USA let him stay under its rador, while he was disrupting other currencies & countries, they could never think, one day he would try to break USA. Evil people like him stays alive for a long time. Puppet Master of Obama & Crooked Hillary Clinton. Pray to God that America gets saved from The New World Order.

It's sad that Congress is spending so much time on Hillary Clinton, when it's already pre decided by the FBI & DOJ, no matter what Hillary Clinton walks out free, Coz she is above the law. Moreover it sends a bad image of USA Government in front of the world, that saving a single person, becomes more important than saving the Country.

Now with the new revelations of wikileaks all of us agree on The OBAMA Deception. He is truly a Devil in a Sheep's Clothing. Obama is the worst President till now among all other President. He is worse than Bush, Coz whatever Bush did, he declared war & then attacked. But Obama is someone who does everything from the back like a sly coward. Killing through Drones has become his speciality. Because of his deceptive method, now I strongly feel, the Congress should take a look at his birth certificate & DNA. I think OBAMA has coned America in the biggest possible way…
The Moral Fibre of USA seems totally dead. Shame that no one person who can speak the truth. For saving 1 persons bad deeds, all the best Agencies like NSA, DOJ, FBI, ODI, CIA are giving away with their Best Practices. USA no more a democratic nation.

American News Media has become PR Firms of Rogue Politicians & MNC. Giving there narrative has no meaning any more. Shame on You CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, PBS, FOX & all other GECs. Changing the narrative of Perception has become your prerogative. Death of Real News.

Karma is a bitch.
The biggest Democracy of the world USA, is not a democracy any more. Corporatization of American Government has no place for their citizens. Through Exercising Executive order few at the top can change the Constitution, Bill of rights, can put any of its citizen to jail, giving no reason. After attacking so many countries now America is bringing back the war to their own country. In the name of veto power of the President, can evoke martial law anytime, by creating False Flag Operation.

Thought NSA would act on any breach or compromise at robust speed. But it proves the level of corruption has reached its epitome in USA. How can so many departments like DOJ, FBI, NSA, ODI MALFUNCTION CONCURRENTLY???
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Xteve Tyler

oh come on walking i seen flying robots not propellers no wings tails and all the adjustments a bird does, they run like cheetahs climb like monkeys, mimic insects, snakes, horses even jump fences, learn like a student, swim like a dolphin, avoid obstacles, perform surgery, milk a cow, chat, mimic patients in various medical scenarios (too well), dream, self question, read facial expressions, soon even telepathic robots, cant be done?, oh yes it can

Wayne Manzo

Should there be limits on the technology use with these advanced robots so that they are only capable of doing menial tasks with very little AI? I think there should definitely be
limits set when dealing with robots and AI because you don't want the robots to out perform the human people who designed them in the smarts department__you know what I'm talking about because sooner or later you figure the robots will off their makers! In our Martian society you find the higher order Martian Jews offing the Human Gentiles who cannot see why the Martian Jews are Martians nor can they communicate Telepathically making the Human Gentiles__merely outdated or relics from the past with no use whats so ever in todays Martian society!

Luiz Barreto da Costa Costa Neto

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John Troy

It's incredible and amazing just how far we have come in just 35 years. When I was a young kid in 1981, my enjoyment asides from going outside and playing would be simple board games or an Atari 2600 video game system. Now look at the video games, internet, the way we communicate especially with iphones or video calls, etc., etc. Think about and dream where we will be in 35 years from now. I think it will be insane and totally incredible.

Aristotle Stagirus

We have to develop A.I. or become extinct.

Then, we have to merge A.I. with our brains/minds or become extinct.

So, the question is how we can do both of these things and arrive in a society we can be happy in.

Kesha TBG

there is a robot made of A.I in 16 Mar 2016 and people r soon making alot of copies of that robot and US is selling it to Japan for teaching in schools