Hypnosis. Pure and simple. Most people don't realize how easy it is to hypnotize someone and get them to do anything, believe anything, be anything. Probably 93% of "Americans" are deeply, deeply hypnotized and most don't know it.


We have been told we can no long rely on or trust main stream media. I would not put too much validation on it simply because it's Vanity Fair.   CNN , during the first 10 year of its conception,  was not the propaganda hammer and gov controlled news operation it is today. Since 9-11 and especially since 2008,  any type of main stream news media/publication can no longer be depended upon… However, Hilary's hysterical laugh outbursts  , together will her pathological lying, really does make you wonder what is wrong with her. But,   I'm inclined to think,  that the Clinton's were like this during their Arkansas years and they have merely evolved into greater and more ruthless criminals, who have the innate gift of completely manipulating the people. They are also very competent  in how they structure their answers or how they give  long , winding and twisted answers,  always turning the answer to benefit themselves regardless how damning the question may have been.

Zeusie 13

Ya, I say BEWARE, they know exactly what their doing, AT ALL TIMES!! They are more than likely UP to something. They can't be able to FOOL us for this long, in EVERYWAY imaginable just to let this kind of thing to screw it all up for them now. Can they? We'll see.

Adam Selene

Artificial it is, a robot it is not. It is just a very seriously psychotic mental defective full of hate and malice but no morals or conscience. A monsterous creature fit for the gallows.