Saqy G

Oh damn skynet joke aside but it's quite fun to program I know how complex is the coding behind this robot because I am programmer myself. Keep it up guys welcome to the future.


In these videos, it is very clear that the principles of behavior are in effect here. This shows how consequences shape behavior, especially verbal behavior!

Frank Lopez

the crazy thing where i think he luke kinda likked it or fail to put out there is how does the robot knows his talking to another robot or himself?  he mention that the robot stares at the mirror while getting to know him self right? well when they are ready to communicate with a "twin" how does it knows its looking at another similar robot and not the mirror? they all look the same IF you had cousins this is obvious but they dont so a computer vision just sees the same vision it seen while looking at the mirror, never the less very impressive and i love the idea Luke knows what his doing.

BeingOfLight 1111

Well this is obvious, you already know this but I will say it anyway.
The driving force to adapting (change) is pain and death and environment. This so far has only been done with biological. Their is the black bear, and the polarbear is a good example. Both are the same species then adapted over a period of time. I think its done through stem cells, if I am right. stem cells are cells that can become any other type of cell in the body. And through that the body naturally adapts to a change in environment. If you were going to create a AI, You would need some kind of virtual stem cell. And a change in environment as well as a way to pass (genetic information on to the next generation.) And at that point, it gets really scary.