Eu Nae

I think the best way is to create a robot without aware, because if he is aware, he can disobey your orders and kill if his existence is threatened. This is what I think.

Hyoudou !

There's An Positive and Negative Things About Robot, Maybe in the future they're want to destroy Human Population Or Something else,Anyway, I Hate Robot,They face Scary As Hell

Drunken Sailor

Techonology is simpler of biology,becoming a robot is simper down grade in hardware,and on other side it wont be you,it will be just AI at copies your responces by algoritam.

Kirie Sakurame

What's funny is that you can't call consciousness memory processes or biology. The brain is not a computer and whatever is done in the realm of computers will simply make them faster machines that aren't sentient. You people are deluded. None of this shit will happen.