Linda Sandoval

China mother flickers want a place to put their Docks they have seriously fucked up this world because they want someplace to put their Docks if this shit is tolerated at all it will end the earth

luis zenidog

there is a horse like robot that can hold alot of weight I'm sure it's possible to make a centaur robot at this point . it sounds crazy but given today's equipment availability it covers the mobility issue that most 2 legged robots have . still gotta work on the ai maybe deep mind might be a good source to input . I'd say work on empathy to better have a more living electronic entity.


This is funny , they actually have robots that are far more superior and advanced then what they're showing us . They want us to believe this is how far they have come , lol… me , tip of the iceberg ! They're hundreds of years more advanced than what they tell us.

Sergey Popirecnik

Well I dont believe she is real. She cant interact, this is almost impossible to simulate human brain work flow. Especially asking difficult questions about prediction analysis. In my opinion this project is based on money investment affair. Investments in development this kind of robots. But the true is, that this robot is simply controlled like marionette doll by somebody behind the stage, answering the questions interactively.