Joey Val

If you have a problem with human zoos you should have a problem with common modern animal zoos, they're the same thing without calling the animals nig*ers

Total Cancer

If someone has a grudge on an entire family based on what one family member did to them, but then forgot all about that grudge, do you consider it a good thing not to remind them because if you do you're knowingly allowing hate into their lives, or do you, under good pretences, let them continue forgetting… There's a reason MANY people of ALL races try to forget about this type of racism, because 1. it doesn't exist anymore, and 2. it makes weak-minded people generalise hatred based on race; usually in an uneducated way. It's more than reasonable to bury the memory and focus on real time events.

Erick Tippett

I have a rubber coated baseball I took from Riverview in Chicago when it was still in
business (it closed during the 1970's). During the fifties when I was a young boy
they still had the "Dunk'um" target except then they had black males sitting on a wooden
seat that would collapse when the ball hit the target and the men would fall into the
water tank beneath them then get up again for a sharp throw to dump'em back in the
water! I was a young boy only about ten then and had an idea then there was something
about it I didn't like at all.

By the way, Walt Disney whose Donald Duck you show getting ready to throw a ball at
an 'African Dodger' (3-balls 5 Cent on Track 11:34) attended the William McKinley High-
School on Chicago's west side and many of his early cartoons were chuck full of ugly
images of black mammies and sambos which cable television and You-Tube have since
stopped showing! I wonder why, they allow everything else to be shown and expressed
especially you-tube, including all manner of racist slurs and bigoted filth!

Erick Dean Tippett
Retired Musician/Teacher
Chicago, Illinois