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Don't talk Bina!!! They programmed your head to explode after you have said a limited number of words. Therefore, the more words you speak, the sooner your head will explode.


Shitty craftsmanship – Hollywood does a better job.  Also, artificial voice technology is far better than what is demonstrated.  This is a soft shoe propaganda.  It's purposely made to be "unreal"

Kimberly Austin

robot cop…remember when they removed all the machinery and he was just a head and lungs? …they can really do that…rumor is this is the beginning of merging man and machine… so what is the purpose of this robot? where is the real Bina R now?


I know they are robot why the F does it feel so wrong… It sounds like she makes her own thoughts and she feels like she could do more in life and she is aware she cant do it because she doesnt have a body. Pretty sad.