Zac Schott

People say this kinda stuff is dumb because it's scripted… but as humans, isn't that what our emotions are? a series of scripts carried out?

Aidan Brown

This is true learning AI, there are several videos you can watch of it. It is true that he (it) has access to the internet, but the man is not controlling what he says or does


There is a laptop connected to Jules and controlling him. The software is even controlled by the Scientist. The Scientist switches from mode to mode (resistance, acceptance, emotional facial expression etc.) This is nothing more than a show. I simply don´t understand why so many people have the impression that this robot might have anything like feelings or emotions.
Come on!
The robot is basically a software running on a laptop! The human-like body wouldn´t be needed at all. It is just here to make the whole thing appear more than it is. This is a commercial project and therefore you need the attention of media and public. This is the reason why the software is connected to a human-like doll.
And by the way: No consciousness will ever arise in a robot. It is ridiculous to believe this!
Clemens Arvay (biologist)