Daniel Liévano

This video, along with its references and quotes, makes me think it all can be summarized this way: there is only true learning by making mistakes, which I think is true, somehow sadly.

Individual 746b

You can progress without AI. also for me the biggest issue is whether it's ethical to build a mind. When you have kids you can't control everything about them and who they end up being. An artificial mind would either be designed in it's totality – depriving it of a truly real identity of it's own – or allowed to become something different from what it was built for – possibly a very dangerous thing to do (you may have to get rid of any laws of robotics in this exanple). I am a strong proponent of AI rights and as such I don't think it is ethical to make them as they would always be either the perfect slave race or a Skynet (a super intelligent being whose motives don't exactly line up with ours, so it kills us since we are like ants in comparison). We can continue to progress our technology and art without our civilisation being carried on the backs of slaves or being ended by our replacement(s). If you encounter a being that wants to sirve you it may be considered ethical to let it do so but if you made that being yourself, deliberately making it want to serve, that's a bit worrying.

Paul Borst

Short answer, yes. It is human's responsibility to adapt to progress just as we always have. We will find our way through the darkness and we will be better off for the experience.


If you could go back in time and stop the atomic bomb being made, would you? I don't think the problem is progress, I think the problem is the speed and desperation that progress is being achieved at. If 'Progress' ends up being destructive or causing new problems that are more negative than their function, is that truly progress? I think we need to take a second and evaluate the consequences of progress honestly before proceeding.

Dee Ray

Basically we need to progress so that…what exactly? how are they even so sure that it will be a good thing when the robots can be and will be disrupted and hacked into? It will give absolute power to the ones who produce them and make human beings redundant and disposable. In short it will be the ultimate power of the 1% removing human labor from the picture once and for all. the rest will cease to have any bargaining power in the system. This is not the same as one tech replacing human beings. but robots replacing human minds. Its nothing like progress but a blind worship of technology and its naive promise of liberation. The word progress is used both vaguely and in a biased way here. The negatives arent even touched into.


Let the robots come. But it has to be all at once. All at once would leave different numerous work groups out of jobs making it relevant. So the people will see the reality of human is more important than profit for a corporation. It will start a real debate on who is more important. Because the dilemma would be… Government—fine get the robots… wait there is no money to spend for the product that you just made people dont have jobs… You have to give money to those people out of jobs… and what are they doing in return? well they have food, shelter and family without working . They just thought they needed to work to have all that… Alright lets build more robots!!! and get more time for us to enjoy!!!!

people would actually see that money is worthless and all the needless consumption would come to an end and thinking may become a trend.