Stewie Griffin

It feels like we cant avoid it, preventing science because of our fear will just limit our knowledge and life length. We know how dangerous nuclear warheads are, guess what we got plenty of them on earth ready to be launched… We must explore robots to open the minds of the future generation so they can maybe develop it even further. Use them in space or whatever, let them construct towns on the moon and bla bla. I dont think we can prevent ourself's from evolving and becoming smarter and more evil, its in our system and someone gotta stay on the top of the food chain might as well be us. We will create what we fear most dictatorship! thats why its good if we got more countries developing it usa,china and russia seems to be the ones with the greatest chance of ever reaching that point.

Sinan Çetinkaya

People should really stop learning science from Hollywood movies 😀
The AI is never going to exist, ever!
All the actions a robot can do is/will be based on calculations.
Making a decision is a human thing and given us by Allah(God)
I'm a computer programmer! 🙂

Lego Terminator

robots are our friends… and like always these "futurist" are missing the very obvious the greatest threat are these flying drones… at the very moment when the drones become fully autonomous then everything changes… with fully autonomous drones (they dont even need intelligence) with these drone the empire will have a flying killer machine worse than hitler X_X we totally need "terminators" in the war against the empire.


Elon can't stop the government from doing what it does but he can probably help create a good ai to counter a possible bad ai


Its only a matter of time before the government, and military, starts implementing robots into the police force to "protect us."

Joseph Koller

we all know we're deeply flawed, that's why ai was a thought and then once it wasn't a thought but a reachable goal. That's when the realization that we want this perfect thing because we're not.