Karl Rosengrant

The industrial revolution has caused human behavior to mimic machines. In order for humans to interface with machines requires that we do what the machines require us to do. Those machines then benefit us in some way. We think that we are the ones in control of the machines and that they are our servants, but what if at some point that relationship flips? What if humans become the servants of machines? I think a possible outcome of this might be a future for humanity that looks kind of like the Borg. Hope I'm wrong.

Splot Bang

If computers are used to improve the survival rate of humans (ie medical applications), computers will then contribute to all the problems associated with overpopulation. Computers will not be fast enough to solve the real problems associated with over population such as water shortages.. Computers cannot produce water.

Splot Bang

If governments and social networks can't eliminate the dangers of global warming, nuclear war, terrorism, poverty, over population, etc, how much more AI?? As an "intelligent" race, humans simply are not intelligent enough to protect themselves from extinction. Maybe AI will be the ultimate survivor.


Disappointing he spent less than 4 minutes discussing the implications of major disruption of AI and what that means to our current institutions. As I see it, that should be the focus of his talk as it may prove to be disastrous if we don't get it right.