Heather Marsh

what if jibo is watching you take a shit and he is on a video call with a Boss or something like that. or he just takes pictures of you sleep. I want jibo but if a bug like that happens.

Osmone Everony

Do you remember, in a world before smartphones, when we used to talk to each other face to face? Am I the only one who finds it odd how people nowadays define "being social"?

Exiled the Great

I remember how annoying furbys were, and how similar this thing is to a furby, except i guarentee the owners of this device would not want you to destroy their little robot friend, but i'm saying that when it came to furbys there actually were a lot of people who hated them, and would constantly remove the batteries to keep them from always turning on. Even say that they hated their furby just because they actually did, but the difference is people are attracted to the power of this motion style of siri. Which i would like to note that siri is very close to serious.