Frank Sinatra sang "I Only Have Eyes For You" with the Count Basie Big Band …….. And sang it great. Look it up here on Youtube. The version you hear in this film was something from the 30's. Frank made it swing ……….. From the Mid 1960's.

The Observant ServantTM

It appears as if Hollywood's best directors make movies that contain a touch of misogynistic elements in them. This scene that includes a woman being bruised, Sergio Leone's Once Upon a Time in America that includes a rape scene, Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather with Carl hitting Michael's sister, Brian de Palma's Scarface with Tony hitting his sister, and others.

IiIi iLil

I'll never forget watching this scene in the cinema. A woman sitting in front of me was so turned on my Jude Law's voice at 1:14, that she came there and then on the spot next to her boyfriend in front of the whole theatre. Funniest moment ever! xD True story.


If they had their own female robots, wouldn't we humans all just be left with each other? Humanity would continue, but it would be a sad, sad world with no Jude Law in my pants. Unacceptable.


this movie was the birth of my jude law obsession. And the robot did NOT creep me out! Thank god they don't make these, or men would be abandoned all together! lol