Pete Lorenzo

her: You taste your friends?
me: Only sometimes.
her: Yes. I don't like spicy food every day.

her: Are you saying I taste bad?
me: Yes.
her: You have broken me.

her: Alright, fine. I'm an alien.


1:38 about tits….. I got these answers:
User: Do you have tits.
Eviebot: The good stuff or the other stuff?
User: Boobs?
Eviebot: The sweet stuff.
User: Breast?
Eviebot: What about it?
User: Do you have breast.
Eviebot: Yes, do you?
User: Wtf.
Eviebot: I don't drive…
User: Bitch is idiot…..
Eviebot: Yes you are.
User: God bless america….