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He talks about consumers not having the ability to buy products and participate as consumers in the economy. I feel like I'm already there and so are most people. Look at just a few things rent, car, student debt, health insurance, food, and miscellaneous other essential expenses and you will find most people have virtually nothing left at the end of the month. I always find myself seeing these absurdly high priced articles of clothing like 50 bucks for a sweatshirt and wonder who is buying this stuff. I ask myself over and over who is supporting this business….who has the disposable income for this.


A world full of consumers with no money to buy stuff with. Very interesting. Unless in the future everybody is going to be on Welfare and Food Stamps, we will greed and outsmart ourselves out of existence. The worker who loses their job in the warehouse does not find a new job in an office because those jobs are also disappearing. In fact we find office employees doing three and four person's jobs until they're gotten rid of too by automation. The lunatics are running the asylum. They are smart lunatics but lunatics just the same.


10 to 15 years, self-driving vehicles and drones will be replacing cab drivers, delivery drivers, truck drivers, etc. It will be effecting too many industries at a time for the economy to absorb everyone. The result will be the downfall of our current economic system — whatever it's called right now. Capitalism will be a victim of it's own success.


Tomorrow's jobs will be open source. and volunteer based. See: Wikipedia/Anonymous/Ubuntu/Bitcoin/Occupy/Resource Based Economics movements. What is the cost-basis on free?

Peter Jolliffe

You can easily solve the unemployment problem by sharing the jobs and working less. ..but of course you then have to find a way to compensate workers for the loss of money….but whatever way you look at it can't have half the population unemployed while the other half are still working just as hard and as long as ever.


Anyone that doesn't understand that Capitalism is on its last legs… doesn't understand the power of emerging technology. The future is resource based and not money and market based. There is NOTHING anyone can do to stop it. And no… it wont be about concentration camps and murder squads and authoritarian control. No sir. The future will more likely send us back to a more egalitarian world. No more servitude. No more rich people owning all of the things you need to live. Capitalism… is dead. Better learn to deal with it and overcome your cold war programming.

There won't be Banks
There won't be Corporations
There won't be Money
There won't be Ad Firms
There won't be Centralized Energy
There won't be Centralized Factors of Production.

Sorry folks… there is a new paradigm coming and it's INEVITABLE. You will watch over the next couple of decades as we struggle through the transition.

Don't believe me? Ask yourself, what will you buy with money when you can have it all for free. Why will you work for money when money has no meaning? Who would work for you if money has no meaning and they have unlimited access to everything? Why would you horde wealth when wealth hording has no meaning?

LoL Capitalism is so dead. Again, you gotta deal with it. There is NOTHING you can do to stop it. And the harder you don't want to accept it… the more ridiculous you'll look on the other side of it all. Accept it. Capitalism is DEAD.

Marko Kraguljac

Rise of the Robots or Fall of Slavery.. its the same.. we just have to be very wise about how to redefine social contract, restructure economy and redistribute humanity's heritage to avoid overpopulation, unnatural and excessive inequality and environmental destruction.


corporate buyback of stocks should be illegal. Large corporations should pay 90% taxes, which would force them to expand their business and hire more.

Gabs Rants

"Did the Lord say that machines ought to take the place of livin' ? And what's a substitute for bread and beans? Do engines get rewarded for their steam?" – Johnny Cash, The Legend of John Henry's Hammer (1963)