Adam Arshansky

Soo… where is the protective AI portion. You know the one that makes sure no one comes in when the remote controllers or people are not at home. What about the life lessons that a real pet teaches. Like responsibility, love and loss.

vapid Rabbit (vapidRabbit)

sorry, but being able to control its personality kind of defeats the purpose. i've got an awesome cuddly, shy dog… who sometimes turns into monster when he's around other dogs… he's flawed, like everyone and everything is.
besides that, i empathize with my dog because he's alive and feels hunger and emotions and has to defecate… and i have to clean it up, because he can't and isn't capable of comprehending why he should… i would never question what a robot is thinking… what it's dreaming about…
nope, no robot for me… but i just realised it might be a good way to socialise my dog so he isn't so nervous around other dogs….