Eddie H

A new scam appeared recently. When they ask if you can hear them, DO NOT SAY "YES" or they can manipulate the recording to make it sound like you agreed to a product or service you didn't want.


I had one of those calls today and I kept repeating are you a Robot and it would say the exact thing that this call was saying. It kept saying i'm a Real Person then I asked where is Los Angeles what state is it in and it hung up lol.


For me a robot telemarketer is ok. Why not ? The poor people who work in that have to be so polite and follow such a rigid script that it's pretty much the same.

It's just the dishonesty of the people who use it and have it programmed to lie that is disturbing. They want you to believe they especially care for their client, while automating everything. Still, it's just plain human trickery for now =D.


we're supposed to use robots for good and to make life easier, but instead we're making it easier to be taken advantage of, what kind of world do we live in where asshole telemarketers can't even get a a job

Joseph McKinley

This is rather creepy but I don't think we should be reactionaries to artificial intelligence.  As a scientifically inclined species we have to boldly go beyond our technological boundaries.  Artificial intelligence will surely prove to be a profoundly important science in that it will likely hold the key to understanding consciousness.  Also consider that humans lie as well, and follow a form of algorithmic programming in the form of social conditioning and instinct.