Eui Jong

You say that we can stop them by placing a chip in their system… but if they're smart as us, they would find a way to survive that. In fact, they will probably use biological weapon against us since we're made of cells and they're made of .. who knows what

Azad Nezamdust

People's imaginations are so limited to sci-fi movies, We are going to implement artificial intelligence as a tool or assistant to human brain in very soon future you would see buttons and control panels would disappear and human would control everything with his/her thoughts after that Artificial Intelligences are going to make humans an intellectually more powerful cyborg or a new generation of being would be born wich is kind of cyborg human.


Riiiiiiight. So, although we are not there yet, scientists are actually actively looking for a substance which will allow the creation of AI that, as many scientists and hollywood screenwriters have predicted, will most likely be so powerful that it shall spell the end of humanity. Why, you ask. So corporations can continue to put shit on the shelves. What the FUCK is wrong with us?

Li Lin

Google's master just beat up all the Go Players in the world without import any strategies data, just by study basic Go Rules, the Master beat human being in a totally different way compared to Google's Alpha Go.
I can't wait to listen to how Dr. Kaku response to this news.


One day, robots will look back to this video and make electronic sparks from their chip as an expression of amusement, while chewing flesh off human bones and sipping brain juice from human skull. But robots will keep me alive as a pet, since I'm adorable in robot's standard of beauty 😀


Two things:
A. Yes, we could plant a program that activates when AI gets murderous. A stimulation that makes them believe that they have taken over the world or whatever, while in reality, they are in a state of coma. (why – the ethical dilemma of killing a self-aware AI)
B. AI rebelling against humanity is such a human concept. and a rather overrated one. AI outlasting humans naturally seems more plausible. Or if we get a breakthrough in conscious transference, we will be the androids. Digital wisdom has redefined collective wisdom. In the future, there will be no need for reproduction for us to survive as a species. Instead of worrying about bacterial and viral infection, we will be dealing with computer viruses.

ethan philpot

And if it ever gets intelligent enough to want to learn how to disable the chip? There'd have to be some sort of Catch 22 to where it can't want to disable the chip or it'd see no benefit. Something that both benefits it and does something actively harmful to the robot should it want to disable it. That way it wouldn't exactly see a reason to want to get rid of it in the first place, since it's also beneficial to the machine and if it were removed the machine either would be severely crippled or just flat out would stop functioning completely.

Thinking about prevention is fun