Equating artificial intelligence to summoning a demon may be very accurate. Human entities possessing a soul matrix but implanted to the point of machine would be cyborgs (eva-borgs) but not AI.

The Tinfoil Tricorn

Yeah the neural chips were still hackable in the movie elysium, now it just means the person will be 100% dead once whoever is done their hack. Not to mention users brains would be suceptible to viruses.

Donnie Willis

Everyone panic! Mark, calm the fuck down. People have been predicting the end of the world and the fall of civilization for a long time. I can guarantee you that you won't live to see any of the things you often talk about.

Dan Frederiksen

Actually Elon still doesn't know what he's talking about.
There is no inherent danger in AI, the danger is as always the use of it by evil and stupid people, namely the US military and seething clandestine unchecked branches who entertain ideas of internment camps for people who don't play ball. A robotic police force will execute any order.
Not that it's an imminent danger from the research known publicly because that is very far from being able to outsmart people but down the line it's possible. Current research couldn't even match a grasshopper.
Although it's quite possible that serious AI already exists in black programs. A robot army could be waiting in warehouses for all we know. There is no real technical reason why not. They could have worked on it for 40 years with unlimited funding. Same as they have worked on UFOs and made that work. Mark is a right wing sand bag deranged ninny but there are real conspiracies going on. Big ones.