Mark Sanchez

what the hell are wrong with men. for real a robot life line doll. To fornicate with a none human. Who ever even thought about fornicating with one of these devil's manufactured evil dolls. Men lusting over such pure evil deserve to lose their penis.
by G.T.O

Bob Rowland

Whats next? Trading sexbots with friends? Then one guy get jealous, pulls a gun and kills the other guy for excessive roughness? That would be very unsportsman like.

Keith Nicholson

I said it before, and I'll say it again. Nothing will take the place of a real-live, flesh&blood, good woman. Sure some of us men ( and women ) may, from time to time, partake in some sexual highjinks, but that spontaneous interaction, the warmth of knowledge, knowing that she is with you BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO BE cannot be replicated.

So even though the playing field has never been equal, dildos and vibrators to contend with, and thirsty men always being other mens' fiercest competition, women will never become obsolete to men who actually want a breathing, thinking women for companionship and love, not for just some one-dimensional reason.