Smokey TheBeast

I can tell you I have both in my family played anki way more. but I would say spend the extra money to get the expansion card a few track expansions just skip the collision kit and the ramp kit is all about track placement for it to be successful. if you want to get out cheaper Rev is super fun but be warned the whole new track thing is not as versatile as they like to make it believe lips in carpet or tiles can hinder things but on a nice smooth surface they are great and the AI is good as well. But that sad when my family gets together and wants to have some races we pull out anki. my kids are bored just messing around they pull Rev. and the campaign in single mode for anki is better as well. this is all just my opinion from personal use


I'm glad I saw this – we were about to buy the ANKI Overdrive for xmas! I'll have to read more about this one and compare and see which is best!