This is gay. Not the game I mean i really like it it and wish i can get it but the thing is i cant get because apparently am outside the territory authorized for distribution by the software publisher of this title. Which is major bullshit! If anyone knows how to get around this or had the same problem but managed to get it please tell me, I would be very thankful.


I'm having a problem downloading the DSLv2.0 AI pack, a few things are working but the only thing that's not working is that the interface is supposed to be different when it's not, and there's no extra computer teams like there supposed to be, at least I think.

Kyle Homer

OK someone plz help me i have so called Robot Arena 2,but it does not have ne real bots like Killalot and Razor and such plz send me a link ta buy the cooler game and not the crappy one with….Emergency….Da dog lol would be greatly appreciated txs