Nate Hodges

"To help disabled kids" Rofl give me a fucking break. How expensive is that? Just put i dont know.. A REAL HUMAN to help a real human with HUMAN interactions? Thats the reason they are justifying this huh?

I'm strongly against robotics for the simple fact of LEVEL OF EXPLOITATION. Yes a kid who cant walk can have some legs, great!! Now lets talk about the potential for abuse… the huuuuuuuuge potential for abuse. and I'm not even christian! what the flying fuck


There is nothing amazing or awesome about these things at all.
What happens when they take your jobs?
The elite WILL NOT NEED YOU ANYMORE, so what will happen to you?
You will be 'terminated'.
Not much of a 'future', is it?


WARRIOR OF GOD…LOL..TACOS…HEY TACO bell is owned by can see the number 6 under bell..and THE taco bell resturant..has 3 bell's….666..thats is funny what you said..10,000 crazy and demolishes..taco bell restaurant….peace..REPENT.time to FIGHT..OUR REGLIIOUS WAR.SPIRITUAL war..defend our CHRIST JESUS….peace.

Roger Clough

Robotic or computer consciousness is impossible without a living mind. Thus they are zombies.
For consciousness requires a self, which is not possible in
robotic, empirical psychology since it is a transcendental entity.

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—– Without governance the stars will fall.
——Without a single governor they will collide.