Dan Bc

oh wow nope.. you better not be thinking on linking machines tru internet or so connections , computers , phones or tablets are linked already , dont have arms and look what their doing to you all so far.. this is not the way, machines made from this principle can not feel, we feel and still cause harm left and right.. imagine your future if any


It would be interesting if interaction with these object eventually became more familiar to the machine. The slow calculating movements remind me of a baby attempting to do things, however a baby usually fails while the robot does not. Over time, I'm wondering if the machine will speed up from getting used to performing the same task so often? I wonder if an AI will ever reach a point that it learns from trial and error?

kanemoti cat

A.I will be a good partner.
story of the robot controlling human is propaganda.
because the rich man donot want to lose their positions.

A.I takes over all the labor.
And, someday the production and service will be free.
free life.
People will have their time without being bound to labor, it can exert a hobby and creativity and favorite things
People can compete in creativity and their favorite things

this crazy capitalism will be end.
Really scary thing is a human being.


If you are against AIs, you should also be against having children.
Yes, making AI robots is dangerous so is making humans. Consider that people around you are organic robots with very fast CPUs running extremely complex codes, learning and reproducing, etc… For instance, a wrong `programmed` children can be a very dangerous person in the future, can be a serial killer, a dictator or a child molester.
You people are already `programming`  `AIs` as you are parenting your children. And yes, it's a very dangerous task.

Carlos Contreras

A lot of people here are talking about how artificial intelligence will overthrow is. That is a very ridiculous notion. The reason I say is that because what dictates a machine to eliminate life on earth? All creatures on earth aren't on par with human intelligence yet we don't wipe them all out. So an artificial intelligence would logically see that humans wouldn't pose no threat. If humans want to kill the machine and the machine feels empathy or any type of feelings it would hate humans just like any racist here on earth. But I can tell you that true artificial intelligence wouldn't care to kill humans because there's no point. It's completely illogical. The only scenario I can see is that we become synthesized with machines. I'm betting that at some point if humans create artificial intelligence and as it evolves humans will want to download their brains into machines… It makes more sense that war… Which destroys resources and machines also need resources to survive like humans. Logical.