I have one question: how do we know that this isn't just scripted programming? I mean, all the robot had to do was say a few lines and perform a couple of (complex) animations. If the guy were to ask a few more questions, maybe it would've provided more evidence that the robot was "self aware." Therefore making this seem more plausible.

Sandy Gibbon

I reckon … Henry Markram and the multi billion Euro BBP (Blue Brain Project) in Switzerland may be in for a jolt … because if we upload IOS – the Integral (AQAL) Operating System – into these Nao robots … we will have an AI system that can fix the cultural mess which is also called The Human Condition … if the robots KNOW the behavioural IOS LEVEL outputs of humans – which is an ascension program anyway … to gain more wisdom and value and morals and ethics as the sphere of reference or centricity of a person expands … then the Nao robots can pick up, detect, and place correction SMACK bang in the face of wrongful emissions … then and there … and Islam could do with a leg UP in this regards … the archaic'ness of Islam is well and truly ready for a 21st Century overhaul … to bring it up to a new world standard speed … and so … what better way than to use friendly little chippies such as these Nao robots to take the brunt … at least we know they aint gonna take it personally – they can face the nonsensical emotional drivers such as is the likes of Islam and stop it in its trackings which is what needs to be done …

Love all ways

Integral Sandy

Joe Caron

I'm slightly skeptical due to the fact that neither of the other robots are moving or showing signs of contemplation like the robot that answers. Though I have to say that if this is legit I want to buy one of these immediately!!