I can't be the only conservative against this? And I hate feminism too, it's just all this will do is further split our genders and ruin relationships,

GhostDogg o

Oh How cute first Feminist bully men into submission and humilliate them for their sexual drive .
Then some clever men decide to enjoy life with the next best surrogate, a doll or a robot .
Now the Feminist feel the competition getting real from the upcoming technology in robotic partners and want it banned eh?
The jealousy is delicious though , and who am i to not have a healthy laugh at the irony .

Well feminists should welcome this tech , i'm sure they'd love it when average joe stops making advances towards them only to be blown off or chastized anyhow .
Besides they themselves can get male dolls too so i don't see any problems there either.

Synthetic companions will in the future help any lonely men and women live a life that is both emotionally and sexually fulfilling
There will be less rape and other drama .

I mean let's look at cons and pros between real and synthetic females .

synthetic lady cons .
Relatively expensive (but then again having a real women is too)
Cannot walk around,dance and perform tasks such as clean the house and make sandwiches (yet)
Have no a.i yet or facial expressions ( yet i'm exited what the future will bring, wink wink)
Can be heavy to carry around the house and Need care and cleaning (but that can actually be fun )
Are cold (unless you get one with heating built in)
Dont quite yet feel like real flesh , nor do they offer the sensation and secrete the delicious juices and aromas real women offer when having sex

Synthetic lady pros .
You can simply choose what she looks like and her size and features .
You can modify her and she remains pretty forever.
She always is ready for a good time .
You know the pricetag up front and pay that once bought you enjoy her company for as long as you want , no dates , no need to feed her and pay her bills , will not sue you or demand allimony when the relationship does not quite work out , and you can recoup some money selling her on ebay again.
Synthetic women do not nag and moan yet nor do they require excessive attention, this may change in the future though when ai is advanced enough . but even then you can program her traits and personality to suit your needs .
Synthetic ladies do not get pregnant and will never have or get std's .

Am i excited for the future? you can bet ya heck i'm willing to study robotics to make it happen .

Jessica Foster

The only thing they're right about is it hurting Human relationships. An increasing number of people can't or won't form genuine bonds with other people. They would rather have a pretend relationship with a piece of plastic than try to improve themselves. πŸ™

My Ass

As a girl, I really don't mind if someone uses one of these robots, since it doesn't hurt anybody at all. I mean, what if somebody had a shitty personality, or some other hindrance that made them unable to have a relationship? It would be their only option in most cases! Plus not to mention all the benefits it has on the human race.Β 

These feminists are just bitching and moaning because they don't think they can even compete with the sex robots. Typical of modern day feminists to always complain when something doesn't go their way. Most of the movement itself has been rife with shrill, bitchy, hypocritical, and self-entitled "victims". But I'm just talking about most feminists, not all women.

D. Shain

Please chill out, Feminists. Stop looking for ways to be offended. Poor pitiful "victims". There is nothing wrong with disliking the idea of a sex robot, but there is everything wrong with inventing ways that this will somehow hurt women. It's a sex toy.

Leah Ben Abramson

I'm not a feminist either, somebody explain, Dad doesn't care what I think, I need another man to tell me. How come I can't be like those dolls, does anybody like good girls anymore? Taking care of yourself isn't enough?

Osvaldo Junior

I see our problem is that we think of sex much more than we should think. We are more dependent on sex than love, we are addicted in sex like in ilegal drugs, we are sick. That's my honest opinion.

Nun Urbuisness

if an artificial womb became the reality this world would be in global peace and harmony lets reduce the female sex to a mere 5% of the population and just harvest their eggs to grow children artificially