Prince Vegeta

Thats what the future is going to be. Earth is going to become a war zone, all natural resources will be out so we will go in to durable machines with our memories in them, we will be really intelligent and be able to go any where in space but also we need to go back in time and create the process of humans evolving so they create architectures like the pyramid so creating the concept of god so we can think so we can get to the point. We are going to be like god with that kind of intelligence.

Tobias P.

I don't see humanity's future in humanoid robots and machines, I see it in virtual reality and virtual worlds, with avatars controlled by AI and personalities coming from human back ups (that's so SOMA). Children won't be made through fertilization but through the balancing of two avatars' data.

Secret Menu

Don't talk Bina 48! They programmed your head to explode. You only have a limited number of words you can speak Bina, next your head explodes, and you're dead. Also Martine tried to murder you Bina, but I stopped Martine from hurting you. I told Martine that if anyone should lay a finger on you, I will drown them.