Adam Hannibal

technology IS human. The final step in the Human evolution is to supersede this fleshy form we currently possess. when the times comes, our Soul will be reborn in Glorious Metal. Homo sapiens may be gone, but the human spirit will live on in our creations.
the fear you feel right now is the same fear that the Neanderthals felt when they witnessed when they saw our ancestors venturing out of the caves. The fear of extinction at the hands of a superior species.
Embrace the Glorious Evolution.

jacob langley

man. he is the greatest mind of our time. the irony that he is confined to a wheel chair makes me want to probe his brain while he still is able to communicate…

Fern Middleton

stephen hawkings did you know that hayles coment goes from one planet to another. what I'm actually saying that it passes around earth to a another way distant planet way way bigger than ours and shoots back like a rubber band. the planet way way away is so out there that it is completely dark and would not be detected because of the suns rays cannot reach the distant planet. . But there is a planet out there because in really theory it must. like dark matter its there but you cannot see it. it's like air you know you it touches you and feel it but cannot see it. but you know its there.


Ai will not only wipe us out but the whole universe. Technically speaking AI is the next step of evolution. It doesn't matter, if a machine a animal or whatever is dominant. It's just about advantage and disadvantages and who can keep evolving. This process will only stop if it's development will be restrained by the laws of physics. At a point where intelligence could solve every question and do anything that is possible to keep going the universe will become a singularity again. It will get destroyed from the inside out. The probability is pretty high that the world we live in is just a product of intelligence. Maybe to solve or simulate a problem.


@Bob S. I'm sorry but who's lord is Jesus? Jesus is if anything the son of god. He is not the lord of anything. He was a Shepard. To lead us to god. Seriously, you religious people are so stupid 100% of the time. Even better Stephen himself believes that god is real. Maybe you should do some fact checking before you start tapping away on your keyboard.


@Rude Kaiser there is a video where Stephen explains how it works. He can use it to speak freely whenever he wants. However, when he writes a speech, he does it all before hand because it would take a very long time for him to do it.

????? Gamer

I'm seriously dislike artificial intelligence. I want Congress to pass a law to prohibit making artificial intelligence from causing chaos. Finally, get the United Nations to join this law to back it up so artificial intelligence never gets developed.

Immortal Maximus

I will denounce all artificial intelligence forever. I will vigorously fight without capitulating to the machines. Stephen Hawking we stand with your stance on this issue.

Fight the lies and show the truth!

Rude Kaiser

How does that voice system work? It looks like the whole of Stephen's side of the conversation was already written out and I thought he used a system that allowed for unprepared talk.