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Here are all of the robots in the series that have battle mode car bought tank bought white fire tank bought red to fire and skitter bought grayit really is a shame about these robots though because about after six months they'll stop workingmatter fact the failure rate was so high that at the end of last year they were completely discontinuednow anyone who has one is luckyif it still functionsi'm probably going to have to replace the circuit boards on both of minebecause they are not functioning properly anymoreThe app is still there on the website so it still functions and the newest version supports iOS eightbut if you ask me a little bit of an overhaul is in order so that way the failure rate will not be so high

Frank Shadez

I've commented before using another account.  I'm the one with the Tankbot that gets mad at obstacles in personality mode and runs in circles in RC mode.  I lost the control thingy a while back, but I still have the robot and he still works perfectly in the first two modes, so no big loss for me.  I won't even bother replacing the control thing, since the Tankbot doesn't like to be controlled anyway.  The RC mode is still good if you don't want him to move, but still like to see the eyes lit up.  🙂


I ordered two (a green and a orange one). The green one did not work. The orange one works with all our Android devices (SGS2, SGS3) and even the Android tablet (Acer Iconia 510). But the distance is too low. Max. 30 cm.

Alex Williamson'sadventures

All of the tank bots that have fire in front of their names all have battle modes where you can fight of the robots against them if the tank bought gets hit in battle it screams and then spends around the circle let me know if you have anymore questions about these bots because I own one and I love it

Alex Williamson'sadventures

Your modes are a little wrong because that last load on the robot is a battle mode where you can actually fight another robot against it secondly I found out that if you use your phone in obstacle avoidance mode it will respond to your commands better