This entire time I’ve been thinking bomb robots where controlled by some fancy computer inside a case. Instead it’s Xbox, PlayStation and Wii U controllers.

Jason Sebring

InTerminator 2, you'll notice a scene where the "good" Terminator showed huge force in the mini-gun scene to scare away the police without killing anyone, because it had a neural net that was focused on that goal. The goal is what determines if the tool is good or bad so these things are already here to a degree and it is up to the public to speak out on the desired goals as these become more sophisticated.


Ai will be created, when it is, we will either be its pet or its owner, time will tell. And yes, the US does weaponized technology, if you don't your the loser(.) This smart person telling us autonomous robots are not ok, is willing to put a human in the path of that same bullet. So w/e.

Jaden Thomas

My question is, what is the difference between a drone piloted by someone on the ground or killed by a piloted plane with someone in it? Ether way, the same people die and the pilot who is flying the drone is safer from dying themselves. Same goes with the mine disabling robot with guns and the Atlas robot with weapons, because the same bad or the innocent people caught in a cross fire will still die but with no chance of the operator or a solder dying themselves. Most of the thoughts that were brought up in this video are comparing the robots to the Terminator, but the actual builders, who know more about the robots than the reporters do, would say that they are more comparable to C-3PO. These are just my thought on this situation.

Nick Doe

Probably half the people killed in WW2 were innocents – war always has a huge innocent casualty list – I would put money on the fact that less innocents are killed today than ever.

Jason Twist

why does America think they can bomb every country in the world that it doesn't fucking own? and think that the rest of the world isn't going to fucking hate America,,the 4th reich,, Nazi America,,that jails 50% of its citizenz,, America,,making china look like a free country,,America,,the assholes of the world,, America,,soon to disappear into the sea,,America,,god is freezing you,,and still you insist on committing evil crimes,,