Toodles Pinkley

These savings should be passed to the consumer. If we can get the cost of all goods to drop by 50% or 60% because we went autonomous the cost of wages will drop as well. People who do work will have more spending power.
Most jobs as we know it will cease to exist. Any job that we consider mundane is likely to be replaced. New technology will allow us to focus more on the problems and inconveniences that bother us. Those areas of focus will lead us to new jobs.
I do not know where I learned this quote, but to me it reigns true. "The more people you can help, the more money you can make".

Юля Чекан

It is necessary to reduce the duration of the working week to 20 hours. Now 1 person works 40 hours a week, in the future, 2 people working 20 hours a week. Or the second way a housewife raising children, in this case, we also have 50% of the population of working age (women) do not have jobs, and husband will be working 40 hours a week. That is, the return to the way of life before the 1970s.