To be honest something else remarkable has happened. I know a professor / college will understand. I made a new observation in relarion to time space for which can be used in math and understanding. Imagine the advances made qhen mankind measured time, then came to the realization of time zones etc. I know it sounds absolutely absurd to most right now, but do realize it had to be taught long ago in the past. It did indeed matter. Much as i observe and try to explain quantum physics to stuxents and even some peofessors. At any rate… ive said enough. But… very real.


Listen largely about increasing early human education. The entire system needs upgraded. I had this, and many other discussions years ago. As for the ai… awesome as always. My research theory knowing these past few months has increased substantially in one area… for which expands into many other fields. Including ai. The thought theory observation is entirely new. I hope to make a video of my own at some point

Fynder Enlil

Compounding Fempto photography with satellite imagery and systems like ARGUS-IS with Image recognition is a new arena. Linking sound to detect snipers with arena surveillance would deliver  numerous advantages. Co intelligence, delivering the advantage to the field solders is exactly the gap that needs to be addressed. Bringing in EXACTO type munitions adding to such advantages would be timely in countering groups like ISIS now.


The biggest crux is 'conciousness', not really to be or not to be, but to know one bes.  The key to conciosuness is imagination, or a 'some how' 'observer' of 'information' in a '3d/4d' manner.  Human imagination is like a very complex photoshop.  I wonder if it can be known the 'resolution' of the imagination.  Another intriguing thing, is that one can 'see' information outside of ones eyes (though everything we have ever seen, is being seen in our heads), WHILE, also seeing imagined imagery, such as I can type this while thinking of these words to say while picturing a red dog etc.  This is very complex, of course having to do with close proximity of mechanisms in the mind made closer by the near light speed processing and interconnection of them and the extremely high quantity.  Also a key is a spectrum gradient bridging of a grey area of hardware being software and software being hardware and it being altered and programmed in real time, by the environment sure, and also by the 'obserber' the user, of the human program.  The key that most people fail to realize, is why conciosuness is so mysterious, how it functions, because noone can comprehend 'what it is that is ultimately doing the seeing', which is another way to say 'what we are', what the me is that is forcing myself to imagine and type this right now, what the mechanism is that when I close my eyes and see a red dog, is from a point of inaction, sending 'will' to my memory data bank, to file 'red dog' and then reflecting back that memory packet into the 'visual screen' that  I then in the truest sense of the word 'see' a red dog.  What is the mechanism that is 'seeing' the red dog, and is that not the essence of conciousness?  Another thing may be, obviously that conciousness is not a 1d point like particle, but a duh, extremely complex system of billions of parts that is constantly juicing and working in real time, to create this perfect many substanced feed back projection of imagery and almost hydrolic or electric force of sort to jut the momentum needed to 'desire' to do something (a la free will debate).  

Tony Leonard

Peter Bock, Paul Cohen, and Andrew McAfee make it clear that AI will continue to replace workers in the coming years at a quickening pace.  After watching this, I’m left with several nagging questions.  How will everyone be able to live well when AI and robotics displace most of the labor force?  What will be the new American Dream when the average person won’t be able to find work?  How will average graduates of today’s obsolete schools be able to meaningfully contribute to society?  Who is doing anything about the impending hyper unemployment?  Will the future unemployed use democratic processes to redistribute the promised abundance or will capital owners freely distribute goods and services created by AI and robotics to those unable to participate in an AI saturated workforce?  Who is providing effective leadership at the National level?

Shawn Runewell

Interesting how 3 days later Tesla announces their new car with self parking that will be released within the next couple years. AI is moving at incredible speeds.