Jaylen Braswell

Siri doesn't actually have a thought process because it is written in advance by a programmer and its false that if you make a robot smart that it will develop feelings and have an urge to turn on the human race.

Secret Menu

DARPA just builds a bunch of useless expensive crap in secret. I am going to totally defund DARPA, give the pink slip to all its employees and as garner all their pension. You know that DARPA should have never been created.

Cheree Comez

I feel that this is needed somewhat, but it should never come a time in which robots replace humans. For example , it irks me that when I call to pay a bill or call the phone company; I get some robotic voice, that most of the time doesn't recognize your words or ask you to keep repeating yourself. I miss the days in which you could actually talk to someone versus talking to a machine. Ashanti-Cheree L. Combsez CPS 1110 300-3:50pm class

Zacky Ahmed

There´s perhaps a more boring but more WORRYING answer in terms of the future for humanity, that is JOBS.. yes smart disruptive companies will take over with powerful A.I´s that means the A.I will accomplish human tasks with better precision and cheaper, this could be worrying, we have multibillion dollar companies that employ less than > 500-600 people, and in WhatsApp had less than 40 employees when it got sold to Facebook for 19 Billion.